WESU Archives Archive Feed: books Archived radio content http://www.wesufm.org Wed, 29 Nov 2023 15:51:34 GMT WESU Archives Archive Feed: books http://www.wesufm.org https://wesu.streamrewind.com/banners/6.png 850 192 Pint O' Comics Episode 282 w/ Mark Masztal https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/384496 <p>&nbsp;Frequent guest of Pint O' Comics Mark Masztal's new book, RESURRECTION SAM was released in May, and we discuss a good portion of the gory, weird Western in this episode. Mark's work has stretched from comics to novels, writing and art, and we cross into all of that, plus more. Find his books on his own site or Amazon for your reading pleasure. Keep October 21st open for Bing Con, the best one-day comics and pop culture show in the Northeast!</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/384496 Sun, 25 Jun 2023 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 276 - The Nancy Drew Tales https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/381495 <p>&nbsp;Gavin Hignight of Wandering Planet Toys and Jenn Fisher of the Nancy Drew Sleuths join Pint O' Comics for an hour of Nancy Drew, the girl detective that spans generations. From early stories to television adaptations, Nancy Drew has entertained millions across the world, including your host. We discuss the current Wandering Planet Toys Kickstarter campaign, which is producing a series of collectible action figures based on the iconic book covers that endure to this day. We discuss the enduring legacy of Nancy Drew and how we all discovered her. It's a fun and mystery-filled hour of literary relevance, and a whole lot of nerd fandom. Just how we like it at Pint O' Comics.</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/381495 Sun, 14 May 2023 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 274 w/ Stuart Moore - A Marvel Miracle https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/380467 <p>&nbsp;Stuart Moore, famed editor of both Marvel and DC titles, as well as the creator of such wild books at AHOY Comics Magazines as Captain Ginger and Bronze Age Boogie, returns to Pint O' Comics with news of a new book called INTO THE DARK DIMENSION, a novel based on the Crisis Protocol games utilizing Marvel Universe characters. We get into the meat of writing a novel that has feelers in both games and comics, as well as now-billion dollar movie characters. How daunting is that for a writer? Find out in this show, while making use of the word &quot;embiggens.&quot;</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/380467 Sun, 30 Apr 2023 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 273 w/ Justin Talarski - Vinegar Syndrome https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/379953 <p>&nbsp;Vinegar Syndrome has gained fame and notoriety with their restoration and releases of odd, cult, grindhouse, and exploitation movies of various decades. Justin Talarski joins me to discuss this and their upcoming works from Vinegar Syndrome Publishing, which will be bringing comics, books, and other tomes of interest to the shelves later this year. This one is jammed full!</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/379953 Sun, 23 Apr 2023 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 267 w/Jennifer Estep https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/376375 <p>&nbsp;CONQUER THE KINGDOM is the 3rd book in the Gargoyle Queen series of novels from Jennifer Estep, and the 6th overall in a larger tale surrounding her character of Gemma Ripley. In this show we discuss the new book, released on the 7th of March, and much more. Jennifer Estep is a best-selling author of everything from epic fantasy to young adult books, with a lengthy list of titles to her name. Learn all about those and more in this hour of Pint O' Comics!</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/376375 Sun, 05 Mar 2023 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 241 w/ Mathew Klickstein https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/362660 <p>&nbsp;After meeting Mathew Klickstein at Terrificon this year and learning of the work he has coming up and the work he's done in the past, there was no way I couldn't have him on as guest. From co-authoring SPRINGFIELD CONFIDENTIAL with Mike Reiss, to SEE YOU AT SAN DIEGO: AN ORAL HISTORY OF COMIC-CON, FANDOM, AND THE TRIUMPH OF GEEK CULTURE, the upcoming book from Fantagraphics, we've jammed it into the hour. Check it out and find Mat at www.mathewklickstein.com for all the newest info - and a book signing tour!</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/362660 Sun, 28 Aug 2022 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 233 w/ Sandy King Carpenter https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/359150 <p>&nbsp;Storm King Comics have been around for a few years now, gaining some recognition with awards and readers like your host. Sandy King, movie and television producer, as well as Storm King's publisher, comes to Pint O' Comics to discuss the company, their work, trials in the time of Covid, and exactly why John Carpenter's name graces the majority of the books. Tune in!</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/359150 Sun, 10 Jul 2022 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 232 w/ Raymond E. Feist https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/358652 <p>&nbsp;Master of Furies, the latest book from best-selling fantasy author Raymond E. Feist, releases to the U.S. market on July 5th. U.K. readers already have the book on their shelves, but Pint O' Comics continues with great guests by getting the writer himself. This is Ray's third time on the show, coinciding with each of the Firemane series, which your host is currently enjoying. Listen in to our fun and widespread discussion of the books and so, so much more.&nbsp;</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/358652 Sun, 03 Jul 2022 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 230 w/ Co de Kloet https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/357659 <p>&nbsp;Frank &amp; Co, Conversations with Frank Zappa 1979 -1993 is a book compiling recorded conversations with music producer Co de Kloet and noted musician Frank Zappa. For this episode of the Pint O' Comics program we stray far and wide discussing Frank, music, conversational recordings, and a whole lot more that didn't quite make it into the restrainst of the hour. Check it out and enjoy learning more about the great man called Zappa.</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/357659 Sun, 19 Jun 2022 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 228 w/ Aug Stone https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/356352 <p>&nbsp;Aug Stone three-peats with this show, where he explains the reason his new book being funded on Kickstarter is called The Ballad of Buttery Cake Ass. It's music, comedy, tales from youth, and a whole lot of fun on the newest episode of Pint O' Comics!</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/356352 Sun, 05 Jun 2022 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 151 w/Raymond E. Feist https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/297097 <p>&nbsp;July 14th sees the release of QUEEN OF STORMS, the newest Raymond E. Feist book in the Firemane Saga. The Jo(h)ns have a lot to discuss with the author of 30+ novels!</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/297097 Sun, 12 Jul 2020 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 126 w/Steve Roth of Quarto https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/278169 <p>&nbsp;It's near to gift-giving season, so we asked Steve Roth of the Quarto Publishing group back on the show to discuss great book titles newly available and items we've covered in the past. It's an hour of pop culture book goodness from the Pint and Quarto!</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/278169 Sun, 01 Dec 2019 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics episode 118 w/Steve Bissette https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/272736 <p>&nbsp;Johnny Ganache is out again, so Nick Banks of The Horror News Network drops into his seat to assist with special guest Steve Bissette. This is Steve's third time around at the Pint radio show, and this is a fine overlay of all his work. Loquaciousness abounds!</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/272736 Sun, 29 Sep 2019 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics Episode 98 w/Steve Wollett https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/259587 <p>&nbsp;As the Pint creeps to a milestone, we bring aboard another pop culture Rennaissance Man, the originator of Nerd Rage News, Steve Wollett. Steve has experience in just about every facet of the things we like to talk about at the Pint, so dig in as we cover games and drinks and movies and books - with a whole lot more in between. Check out nerdragenews.com for all the basics, too!</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/259587 Sun, 28 Apr 2019 18:30:00 GMT