WESU Archives Archive Feed: geekpreacher Archived radio content http://www.wesufm.org Tue, 20 Feb 2024 22:41:28 GMT WESU Archives Archive Feed: geekpreacher http://www.wesufm.org https://wesu.streamrewind.com/banners/6.png 850 192 Pint O' Comics Episode 252 w/ The Geekpreacher, Derek White https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/368733 <p>&nbsp;The Satanic Panic and the Religious Battle for the Imagination is a documentary released earlier in 2022 focusing on the bizarre happenings in the early to mid- 1980's when Dungeons and Dragons, the tabletop role-playing game, found itself on the defense from factions of religion and the media. Derek White, aka The Geekpreacher, frequent guest on Pint O' Comics, is a large part of this documentary. He brings his skillful knowledge to the program as we wind our way through a very strange time in gaming and history.</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/368733 Sun, 20 Nov 2022 18:30:00 GMT Pint O' Comics episode 120 w/Derek 'Geekpreacher' White https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/273947 <p>&nbsp;It was time for another spiritual ascent into the realms of nerd culture and religion. Of course, as is normal with the Pint, this one took a left turn at Nashville and never looked back. Derek White, The Geekpreacher, joins the Jo(h)ns for a second run and you'll love every second.</p> https://wesu.streamrewind.com/https://wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/273947 Sun, 13 Oct 2019 18:30:00 GMT