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Center for the Arts Radio Hour

Original Aired:
Thursday, May 9th, 2019
4:00PM to 4:55PM

55 minutes

Thursday, May 9th, 2019 4:02PM



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Episode: Center for the Arts Radio Hour

 Conversation between Assistant Director for Programs Hanna Oravec and Chloe Malushaga '21. Featuring the tracks "Racecar Baby Racecar, Parts 1-3" from the 2019 album "Racecar Baby Racecar" by Jackie Weo (Matt Rubenstein '21); "Emily, "Two Dreams," and "A Reading From The Crack-Up" from the 2018 album "Cocoon Year" by Novelty Daughter (Faith Harding ’14, Kuh-Lida, Chrystal Ghost, and Leaftype); "get along" (2018) and "baby it's cold" (2019) by iris olympia (Iris Sackman '22); and "The County Line," "Bedroom Fears," "Bram," and "Whateva Eva" from the 2016 album "MEG" recorded at Wesleyan's Red Feather Studios by MEG (Chris Reed '19, Meg West '19, and Jake Rogers '19).

Producer: Andrew Chatfield, Director, Arts Communication, Wesleyan University
WESU General Manager: Benjamin Michael

Show: Center for the Arts Radio Hour

Featuring discussions with visiting and local artists, Wesleyan faculty and students about their research, public productions, and inter-disciplinary collaborations.

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