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Schedule for Friday, November 27th 2020

Time Show Title
12:00 AM Middletown by Moonlight
01:00 AM Song for My Father
02:00 AM Juke in the Back
03:00 AM Democracy Now! (rebroadcast)
04:00 AM All Mixed up with Peter Bochan
06:00 AM Morning Edition from National Public Radio
09:00 AM Radio EcoShock
10:00 AM 1A
12:00 PM Democracy Now! With Amy Goodman
01:00 PM Exploration in Science
02:00 PM Rising Up with Sonali
03:00 PM Science Friday
04:00 PM Hard Times with big bent
05:00 PM Chocolate Cake
06:30 PM Universal Sound Wave
08:00 PM Grand Central Station
09:30 PM Loxion Music Mix Show
10:30 PM Kickin' It With Kuba
11:30 PM Mentaltown