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Ben Michael has been General Manager at WESU since 2004. Growing up in Middletown, Ben was first exposed to WESU as a teenager when he was attracted to the free form music format and attended station sponsored concerts at Wesleyan.

Ben first got involved with WESU as a community volunteer DJ back in 1998-99 upon his return home following a couple of years in Oakland, CA, where participated in of one of the largest AmeriCorps programs in the country. Shortly after becoming a WESU DJ, Ben was elected to join the WESU Board of Directors where he filled several positions over the next few years until he was hired as GM.

Over the years Ben has hosted several radio programs including, "A Good Dictator is Hard to find", "Difficult Listening Hour", "Big Bent Presents", "Dub Revolution", and "Talk For Your Rights". "Dub Revolution" was a popular roots reggae program exploring the intersection of Dub Reggae and the figurative concept of revolution. Long before NPR and Pacifica talk radio came to WESU, "Talk for Your Rights", hosted by Ben and long time co-host, Garnet Ankle, took on tough community issues and brought listener voices to the airwaves.

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