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Schedule for Tuesday, September 23rd 2014

Time Show Title
12:00 AM Feminist Power Hour
01:00 AM How We Met the Mother
01:30 AM The Reformatorium
02:30 AM #BasicBints
03:00 AM Maximum Rock and Roll Radio
04:00 AM BBC World News
05:00 AM Morning Edition
10:00 AM The Diane Rehm Show
12:00 PM Democracy Now
01:00 PM Food Sleuth Radio
01:30 PM Between the Lines
02:00 PM 9/11 Wake Up Call
02:30 PM Shortwave Report
03:00 PM The Takeaway
04:00 PM Anarchy on Air
04:55 PM The Jive at Five
05:05 PM Explorers' Hour
06:00 PM Cultural Variety Show
06:30 PM Acoustic Blender
08:00 PM Voice of the City
09:00 PM Wonderland
10:30 PM Galactic Thematics
11:30 PM The Wily Windy Moors