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Schedule for Friday, August 22nd 2014

Time Show Title
01:00 AM Dr. Pitkow and the Waste of Time
03:00 AM The Graveyard Shift
04:00 AM BBC World News
05:00 AM Morning Edition
10:00 AM The Diane Rehm Show
12:00 PM Democracy Now!
01:00 PM Welcome Back
01:30 PM Spoiler Alert Radio
02:00 PM Exploration in Science
03:00 PM Science Friday
04:00 PM Business Buzz
04:55 PM The Jive at Five
05:05 PM Chocolate Cake
06:30 PM Earth Out Loud / Youth Radio
07:00 PM Universal Sound Wave
08:30 PM From The Otherside
10:30 PM In The Master Bedroom, Under The Bed