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Genres: Leftfield, Minimal, Tech-House, Techno

This program has been broadcasting since 1995. The Vault features advanced copies of techno, electro, minimal, and house. The show also regularly features exclusive mixes and PAs by international guests. Some of the show's past guests include Pfirter, Kike Pravda, Casual Violence, Reeko, Inigo Kennedy, Christian Wunsch, and many many others. The program airs live on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of each month from 9:30pm until 11:00 eastern US time GMT -5:00 on 88.1FM (www.wesufm.org) in Middletown, CT in the US. Older audio archives are available at www.antonbanks.com. Good beats with no commercials and no hype...period.

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  1. The Vault

    The Vault

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    The Vault

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