WESU Archives: Classic Az extended show covers all the way to 3 AM

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Original Aired:
Saturday, July 13th, 2013
11:47PM to 1:30AM

1 hour, 43 minutes

Saturday, July 13th, 2013 11:35PM

cc arshagra az classik mass incarceration trevon martin


Sorry, the media you have requested has expired.

Episode: Classic Az extended show covers all the way to 3 AM

Classik Az does not use this archive system.

Time line has been ajusted to start when Classik Az began his show.

NOTE there is 20 seconds of slience early on.


I, CC Arshagra, host the show 'The i Do Not Know Show'

cancelled 1:30 to 3 AM but failed to stay off the air.  


So, Classik Az, covered the 1:30 to 3 AM in addition

to his 11:30 PM (Accually starting about 11;47 PM)

to 1:30 AM; which was CC Arshagra's time slot.


Lo and behold CC became a cancelled show host 

--only to become caller on this Classik Az extended show.


Once you listened to the above show in full ... 

The Classik Az extended

show is here >>> wesu.streamrewind.com/bookmarks/listen/67239/classic-az


Thank you Classik Az

it's a good think Az got my ticket and my back.

but i am sure his fans are going to judge my black ass for stepped out to loud.

Oh well, ong as Az forgives me! i'm cool.

Love ya brother man.



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