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Original Aired:
Friday, October 17th, 2014
3:30AM to 4:00AM

30 minutes

Friday, October 17th, 2014 3:35AM

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Episode: The Divide and Conquer News Report E 05 Season One

 C.C. Arshagra's

The Divide and Conquer News Report

        #5 streaming 24/7 for 14 days from 10 17 14

              E 05 S 01


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 Divide & Cinquer News


  • Lead Story Introduction with “No Whistles!”

  • Lead Story: Big Scare newest form of Terror Coming

  • Relax (only the poor and the sacrificial conscious)

  • Serial Killers —return to the News!

  • Leaders are not the Psychopaths

  • News will include Bad-very-bad names

  • Warning about raising integrity and parenting

  • Women Lead Reporter will free all women



Divide & Conquer World News

  • Old Guy of the World news Desk Starts off with Good-byes

  • War over the Use of Kim Jong’s name for Leaders Grandkids

  • Global Elite are getting tied of killing eachother

  • Post 21st century enslavement update

  • Post mass graves of Global Population dilemma

  • Old Guy Anchor Goes “Off Script/Prompter” / Signs OFF (Sort Of)

  • Old Guy Anchor Tribute Announced takes over (for a while)



  • Grandson Anchor takes over the Air!

  • Old Gut Anchor Tribute Announced!

  • World News Anchor Clears up Bush/Hitler ties mix-up

  • Kim Jong Hillary? Will her pair matter?”

  • Grandson Anchor goes (off script)



  • World News Clean-up Announcer gets misty. A Sad Day!

  • Double Anchor Tribute Announced!

  • World News Anchor Clears up Bush/Hitler ties mix-up again

  • World News Anchor gives last words (From the Heart)


Divide & Conquer Heath

  • Words About how times like these come to and end?

  • Heath Woman reporter gives some final thoughts.



Divide & Conquer Science

  • (A Special-Special Report)

  • How to Get Out Blood Stains?

  • Good Neighbors: Blood Removal Company

  • Bobby of Blood Removal Company) gives advice

  • And reports about XYZ deaths

  • Bobby talks a bit about

  • Bobby’s last few words



Divide & Conquer LOVE of MONEY


  • CASH is pure excitement about the coming boom

  • Death is good for revenues!

  • Mad Run on Weapon Hardware tips

  • (No IB update) to keep you informed on weapons sales

  • CASH gets a rise live on Air as othesr die on Air!

       No need to cover the cover of covering: (Peace is Trargeted for killings) 



Divide & Conquer Weather

  • Weather Girl Loses cameraman in emotional storm

  • It’s Raining Blood! Tomorrow looks better.


Divide & Conquer Traffic

Homocide Ambulance Traffic clogs city


Divide & Conquer Sports

  • Regular Sports is Cancelled!

  • Major League Sport’s Players Called up by president

  • Police Prime Suspects on Journalist Murders Pinned on Peace Activist

  • Players needed by Government Security

  • The Terrorist Spreading Peace are targeted by HLS to keep you safe





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