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Friday, October 31st, 2014
3:30AM to 4:00AM

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Friday, October 31st, 2014 3:35AM

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Episode: The Divide and Conquer News Report E 07 Season One


C.C. Arshagra's

The Divide
     & Conquer News

Episode # 7
Premier airdate 10/31-2014 3:30 to 4 AM
Obey Your Fear


The Divide and Conquer
Outer Space Report
A Special-Special-Special News Day

Top Secret new weapon (not really)
ATTENTION: It is eminent and happening

The World Is Under Attack

All Nuclear Missiles to be pointed into Outer Space
It’s one of the Planets in outer space! Mars is looking red

Special graphics Broad is on Board tracks the Invasion and defense Moves!

North Korea leads the defense of the world. One by One All Are on Board The Board goes Red All missile pointed into Outer Space!!

It could be any ne of the Planets Out there!
Nuclear Count Down Day 1
Leader Called to Meeting at UN and questions are raised. ... In case of secret plan to ... "Strike First".

Aliens send coded Message?No plan and no ideas
The Secret Code is Broken:

"Stand Down. Treaty."

High Red Alert Back at UN

"Boot on the Planet" in case of Strike First move No Idea. No Plan.

Special Report

Special World Election Happens!

Hillary Clinton
Is Elected "Leader of The World"

Putin gets Vice-World Leader of the World

1st World Government
Everyone Is A Slave Now!
You Are All Safe! Obey Your Fears

Special Extended Coverage:
Nuclear Attack Day 1

Treaty Deal Made Aliens Will Zap all Carbon Unit Life Forms in All "E Bow Lie" Nations to end plague

World leaders (Under Hillary's (pair) take credit for leading the deal to have Aliens Stand Down

Within moment all lives in E Bow lie Nation are dead and vanished the plague is over!

The land, building, and all raw materials are ok, unharmed.
We are all now Under High Alert
For (Some Forever amount of time)

More Continued Extended Coverage Special Report (Introduction) of:
The Divide & Conquer Justice Report

Live Remote
Justice Report
(Special guest in transit with Justice Reporter) Lead Attorney from
The Law Firm of
'People. Sheeple & Boo'

The BBB Body Bag Business Co.
and the Oven Company "Sues the Media"
(No Dead Bodies to Bag and Burn
(They're pissed)

Media outlets keep Money; too bad.

Both Companies to File for Building 7 Bankruptcy goes through in minutes Tax Payers will get the bill! Bill goes up 100 times when word comes in Its going to the Supreme Court

More Continued Extended Coverage
World leader Hillary Clinton
to Address the World
America gets a special translator Too!
Hillary wows the world
Pundits are wowed and can't believe
how affective...
(leaving it up to the public
to understand what moved them)
WOW! T he Divide and Conquer World news is the world!
Divide and Conquer
World News Attack Day

A quick clarification That Eboli is not Eblowa and A bowl of lies
The Divide & Conquer Science Report

How the Rat guns saved us, and everything (except the poor in the poor Nations (To SAVE US ALL)
Save Our New World Government

The Divide & Conquer Love of Money
with Cash

Cash is love'n it Too bad about the Body Bag Business

Cash drops the sharp tip and cuts the news with a killer slice of investment advice with one word
The" Guillotine" Business!

Also a heads-up on Gold, Diamonds, and Natural Resources will be secured for profit takers and to protect the vacant countries to show respect for the vaporized. Go news keeps coming as Cash note there will be (Low to next to no livable wage)
Jobs-Jobs Jobs coming
to work the newfound lands the deal with alien invaders lost in the deal. That brings and End to a day a news and fear that will last forever. Tune in next week! And don't miss the ship that launched the Divide & Conquer News Report
The I Do Not Know Show
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Thank You Listeners, C.C. Arshagra



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