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Friday, October 10th, 2014
3:30AM to 4:00AM

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Friday, October 10th, 2014 3:35AM

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Episode: The Divide and Conquer News Report E 04 Season One

C.C. Arshagra's

The Divide

    & Conquer News


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E 04 S 01

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Divide & Conquer News

  • FU with new top Eugenics Program is US

  • FU with new Uniersity President

  • Divide and Conquer Women Leads and BullBalls

Divide & Conquer WORLD News announces

  • Poor Plague for Poor. Fake news is Really

  • Alert! The Axis of World Poverty

Divide & Conquer Health

  • Gender Re-assignment of Species

  • Counter-counter terrorist news plot

  • Hate and Blame your Neighbour

  • 100% Natrual Population Self-ilimination

  • Safe from quaranine people

Divide & Conquer Science

  • "Academic Freedoms"

  • Protecting Education for profits

  • Thanks to Charlie Cuke Foundation

  • Poluting EDUcation is same as E=MCpolutiing is relitive!

Divide & Conquer Food

  • Farmer Joe Return talk

  • the GMO Seeders

  • You got no choice

  • thoughts on bringing back Dim-Ocker-O-sea

Divide & Conquer Traffic(NEW NEWS ADDITION)

  • Everything Cloged

  • Debt Hyway is Wide Open

  • No money down get out

  • + Brand New Car winner goes to jail

Divide & Conquer Love of Money

  • Top market tips

  • Guilotines, jobs and Head baskets

Divide & Conquer Weather

Divide & Conquer Sports:

  • Sports Battle Man v Women 

  • The Battle: More Women v. Less Men in Sports



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C.C. Arshagra




A two part test show (55 min. each)

Aired on www.wesufm.org in March 2014 

ThisDivide & Conquer news Report  

was born as an experimental projuect on

The I Do Not Know Show





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