WESU Archives: The I Do Not Know Show #039 / Tonight might be all about love.

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Sunday, February 17th, 2013
1:30AM to 3:00AM

1 hour, 30 minutes

Sunday, February 17th, 2013 1:35AM

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Episode: The I Do Not Know Show #039 / Tonight might be all about love.

 Episode #039 The I Do Not Know Show / Tonight might be all about love.

Welcome to episode #039 Tonight's show opens with an audio mix by Classik Az. followed by John Voigt's Outsider Bass / Cry to back the 1st unreleased track from The 'ID (Inkless Dialogue) Poem / Spoken Mind Poetry collection / 'Basically you are bought' The music continue from John Voigt with Ball, Sad, and Cry reprise' to underscore ID Poems 'Prey for their survival', 'On Course With the Universe of Love',

Next:"The Open Declaration for the Creative Global Community". Created and read as a result of being invited to speak on behalf of 'the roll of the artist in science, media, education, legislation, law, and culture'. The invitation was giving to C.C. Arshagra when he lived in Suquamish, WA (across the Puget Sound from Seattle, WA) in 2008. The event named 'The International Conference on Data Base and Race' (live on-air audio timeline mix, aired with C.C.'s instrumental raw (work in progrogess) engineered version of "With You' by Ira Saklosky / Riverway Studio, CT (Drums / percussion by Alvin Benjamin Carter Jr. & piano by Orice Jenkins; (also live timeline mixed) This event was produced by CRG / The Council for Responsible Genetics with support from GeneWatch Magazine, the ACLU / American Civil Liberties Union and NYU / New York University. The Summertime 4 Day conference included a one day open to the public lecture and art opening: The art was the 10 canvases that comprise "The Genetic Bill of Rights Painting Series" (It's first and only public sharing to date). The event was Hosted by Sheldon Krimsky, President of CRG in 2008, author of the book "The Genetic Bill of Rights / " Book of the Year, by Utne Reader. The public event took place in New York City / Washington Square at the Judson Memorial Church.

This evening's episode moves on with the underscoring music of Miles Davis / My Funny Valentine, and John Coltrane, and Leonard Cohens's 'Come Healing' + more unreleased work from 'The ID (Inkless Dialogue) Poems' Art Collection by CC and press22publishing: 'Eternally at Peace', 'All the Love In the World', 'Love You and the Leaving We Are', ( * ), 'The Scent of Your Imagination' with a whispering of Pink Floyd's Shine On.
* Within these pieces is also a special airing of the critical piece (live on-air mix edited) "By You Raping Art" underscored by the instrumental version of CC's 'War Monkey Leaders' by composure / musician Derrik Bosse. The episode closes with:'Left Alone to Heal'.

Thank You for Listening! Thank you Listeners! Your host, producer, and Spoken Mind Poet ~ C.C.Arshagra

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