WESU Archives: The I Do Not Know Show | Episode #48 | Amanda Palmer's Controversial Boston Bombing Empathy Poem with Blog reading and Commentary C.C. Arshagra |

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013
1:30AM to 3:01AM

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 1:35AM

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Episode: The I Do Not Know Show | Episode #48 | Amanda Palmer's Controversial Boston Bombing Empathy Poem with Blog reading and Commentary C.C. Arshagra |

 Episode #48 The I Do Not Know Show: Radio As Art! |  April 28th, 1:30 Am to 3:01 AM. 2013

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   >>> This one is special to the artist in us all. |  
Tonight opens with home phone recording of Wesleyan University alumni, Amanda Palmer, performing solo with just her uke on campus @ the Humanity Festival. An event produced by the Students to bring peace, attention and awareness to on campus tensions over race, class, religion, and sexual orientation. It was CHILL FEST! 
And so, after hearing (quite after-the-fact) about a poem Amanda Fucking Palmer wrote and posted on her blog. It was a real explosive media event. And So ... live on-air here: I read the poem. And then I read the blog about it commenting along the way. Amanda's handling of this media event is a fine testament to living imperfections and the vital role of art in life.
It matters to hear this episode in whole. 
There are tears still falling over what happened in Boston and I feel your profound hollowed challenges of the heart, I Do.
Boston, Cambridge, and Watertown were all once my home communities for I lived in the Boston area for 20 years, and today I still feel a piece of home with all who live a love life there,
Today, I live to hear of your healing of family, friends, self, culture and all the world; to bring our spices to a higher living ideal of humanity and peace on earth than the harm that rules minds gone mad to behave within the perpetuation of hate.
Followed by the song "Critical of This"" and more excerpted recording from Amanda live at the Humanity Festive on the Campus of Wesleyan University. mashed up and bleeding into a piece of the song "Is This Just A Question Game" 
Now the show moves on to the Hartford Advocate's Best Of Reader's Poll Event late Thursday. The here words for the Children of Humanity from Rachel Adele, Uncle john, WESU's General Manager "Big Bent" Ben Michael, Adam, and Micky. 
Next: The I Do Not Know Show takes a moment to introduce Krystal Green as assist associate reporter! Welcome Krystal!
Some Closing thoughts on Amanda Palmer's contribution to the arts and humanities. 


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The BLOG about the poem "a poem for dzhokhar by Amanda Palmer >>> http://amandapalmer.net/blog/20130423/
The Poem >>> http://amandapalmer.net/blog/20130421/


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