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Sunday, May 26th, 2013
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Sunday, May 26th, 2013 1:35AM

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Episode: The I Do Not Know Show One Year Anniversary with Special live guest Tang Sauce | Bridging Positivity

 The i Do Not Know Show One Year Anniversary Episode #052 CC Arshagra and guest artist Tang Sauce


Happy B Day to 'The I Do Not Know Show!" CC Arshagra invites Hartford artist Tang Sauce. 
First some thanks to J. Cherry and Sam Long for their Inspirational Encouragement, that in essence gave this radio show its supportive birth.
A brief look back at some of the off-the-tracks experimentation that came out of The I Do Not Know Show's first year. Then CC walks Tang Sauce down the lost roads of Community Arts and Culture of days gone by, leading up to how CC once crossed creative paths with Tang Sauce's father, artist, educator, and community activist Joe Young and the original children's song "Good Enough" Oh boy, here goes some wild free form play with CC And Tang Sauce creating a live on air unscripted fun version of "Good Enough". Listen with all your heart. !! Thank you Joe Young!

Next: CC & Tang Sauce create a live version of the poem "And the World Is Over Love"

Can we hand off the lessons of the arts and artists before (To some positive degree,) lessons to the young now. and Tang Sauce brings some new school info to the old school here. including "Make Money Monday?" An open mike fresh concept coming out of Hartford, CT for the giving of creativity's acknowledgeable receive. Here let the bridges be build and the old lessons school the new as the new school the old. This leads up the fall of words from the poem "I Cannot Compare or Compete"

Some awesome props, some amazing tales of art, friendships and the sustain of creative wills over time to the present; bridges being born with an up date on XY Eli's (Eli Williams) CD Release Party.
The rest is all heart & soul & love & life. And Tang Sauce takes us out with a live rap.

The ambient feel of tonights show was backed by the CD: John Voigt / Outsider Bass / Expanding the Boundaries and Composition of Performance.

Tang Sauce supports you!

Thank you listeners



Peace and positivity! CC

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