WESU Archives: The Divide & Conquer News Report -- C.C. Arshagra's World Premier Episode

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Original Aired:
Wednesday, March 12th, 2014
5:05PM to 6:00PM

55 minutes

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 5:10PM

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Episode: The Divide & Conquer News Report -- C.C. Arshagra's World Premier Episode


    Divide & Conquer

      News Report

           with C.C. Arshagra

--World Premier Episode--
Wednesday March 12th, 2014



• Lead story: GW Bush toys with human consciousness and not really.
• Song: War Monkey Leaders / Funk Physics (Derrik Bosse - C.C. Arshagra)
• The KluKluxTallaKlan does not exist in a mirror 
• IB Inter-dementional beings
• Freedom not in the news non up-date?
• Frackacino's shake up your gas war
• Dog and Cat March on Washington

Poet Song: Understanding Life (excerpt)

• Background music With You (ruff cut 1) Piano & Drums; Alvin & Orice (see below)
• Here Come The Numbers America: the Polls Are in!
• Threats
• Srevaialitabitity rising
• Nano Drones and arresting dreamers to protect you
• Them, Those and Others (Lock your door-wars and coming teach you hate)
• Breaking news breaking broken news
• Rise of Human Beings Stopped!
• D&C News Report takes Care of You. Not them and the those people
• Them Users strike with threats of Peace on earth. Stopped Again to keep you safe
• Plants and Spies prove Human Being Moment is evil (Proof on camera)
• Vote. Believe and remove your rights the American way!
• Happening happening to happens and falsely flaggy flags you!
• Funny Caught laughing: Mass Arrests of Laughing people!
• Blame Matters! Don't be distracted by facts, or crime scenes:
• Blame you Neighbors Now. It's not too late
• Denial Confirmed to not be not denial
• NPR gets new lead Anchor -sort-ta
• No news about CIA Aligns and SPACESHIPS that never existed

Poet Song: With You
C.C. Arshagra / Raw As When A Poet Sings / With You
Drums: Alvin B. Carter Jr.
piano: Orice Jenkins,
Vocal Arts MOnique Jarvis
Voice C.C Arshagra

Episode One:
Original Concept: The I Do Not Know Show / WESU
EPISODE: Engineered by Oles Philippeve


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